Saturday, 4 October 2014

125 Years of Morris Dancing

4th October 2014

We were very grateful today to have Roy Smith giving a talk, one of the leading Morris Men in the north west of England and historically quite a significant figure in the art. He was responsible for the book produced for Leyland Morris Men's centenary and has undertaken a tremendous amount of work collecting photographs and reminiscences of the early days of the Morris Men.

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We were pleased to have him here today because not only is he a great exponent himself but he is so very knowledgeable on the subject.

Roy is particularly keen in collecting old photographs of the Morris Men and hopes to identify new trends and individuals and if you wished to contact him on this he would be very pleased to hear from you. He is also doing a lot of work with us at the museum trying to trace early film of the Morris Men as he suspects the earliest film of morris dancing is actually of the Leyland Morris Men in east Lancashire in 1902. We know the 1905 Leyland Festival was very carefully filmed by Mitchell and Kenyon and we are hoping to have this at the museum for our Festival Exhibition planned for 2015.

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